here’s a list of nice things

  • dean winchester laughing during sex
  • dean winchester getting kissed until he’s breathless and dizzy
  • dean winchester nuzzling his cheek against someone’s inner thigh
  • dean winchester’s body being covered in wide, strong hands
  • dean winchester getting kissed on the underside of his chin
  • dean winchester rocking his hips back and forth and tipping his had back as he clenches his thighs around the hips of the person beneath him
  • dean winchester’s hair all tousled and mussed up
  • dean winchester’s hazy and content post-sex expression

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I’ve been having some Sam Winchester feels lately :P

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Yes thank and bless this episode for this 2 seconds right here

bless him for how low he held that towel, too

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Can a supernatural fan please explain to me (preferably in a non shouty way) why everyone seems to hate Sam so much at the moment? Maybe its just because I’m a younger sibling so I sympathise with him more, but I really don’t understand the amount of hate.

*whispers* because people are bitches


supernatural ending with sam and dean bleeding out next to the impala because of a stupid stupid mistake on a stupidly simple hunt and they’re dying they’re dying and sam looks over at dean and chokes out a laugh but he manages to say, ”you know we made a hell of a team back there.” 

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1.18 Something Wicked     2/?

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Maybe this season, Dean will learn how Sam felt, how Sam absolutely hated himself, how when Sam looked in the mirror- there was no doubt in his mind that he was a monster. Maybe this Mark Of Cain will make Dean weak, have his eyes grow weary and his hands shake because oh God, he’s turning into a monster, isn’t he? But Sammy will come to him, tell him he isn’t a monster, ain’t anywhere near it- because he’s Dean, he’s saved the world, he’s gone through everything, he names off how many lives Dean’s saved, how he can pull through this.

And maybe, something in Dean’s mind will click.

"Sorry." He’ll say that when Sammy’s telling him this mark doesn’t define him. He’ll say sorry for how many times he let Sammy really believe he was a monster, he’ll let Sammy know that no, I’m not stronger- you, you’ve been through everything- you believed you were a monster since the day you were born, I’m just growing into it, Sammy. I’m sorry, I put so many things on you- blamed you for so many things, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Maybe Sam will nod, pat his brother on the back and say, “Apology accepted.” Because Dean’s rambling on, he’s talking about how Sam has been put through hell, lived in the stomach of Hell with Lucifer and Michael, possessed by so many evil things but still had goodness left in his heart.

Pretty soon, Dean freezes, and then he stares right into Sammy’s eyes.

"You wanted to die, and I let you down, Sammy. Sam, I’m sorry." And Sammy’s breathing will cease for a second, because here- here his big brother, the one that was always so prideful, and watchful, and protective, and careful with his words but not his emotions was telling him he was sorry for the one thing he wanted to hear most.

Maybe this season is about Dean being put into Sammy’s shoes, and maybe he’ll realize that Sammy is only being held together by a duct-tape and a few safety pins.

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